Areas of Expertise

Electrical and Mechanical hazard Investigations

Enquiries of Electrical and Mechanical Incidents

Hazardous Area Classification

Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspections
Risk Analysis

On-Site Awareness Training

Occupational Health and Safety Compliance Act

Mechanical Engineering

Pressure vessel inspection
Boiler inspections
Small H P pump repairs


Electrical Engineering

Area Classification
Hazardous Area Equipment Inspection
Electrical equipment selection
Electrical equipment inspections
Certificate of compliance inspection
Auditing of electrical installations
Auditing of medium voltage switchgear
Medium Voltage switching compliance
Hospital Theatre compliance auditing


Electrical and Mechanical Investigations

Electrical faults
Arcing faults
Earthing surveys
Power system analysis
Mechanical component failure
Corrosion protection devices



Electrical C O C
Hazardous area awareness
Boiler and Pressure Vessel
OSHACT awareness
Specific training such as isolation for non-electrical artisans